How to Improve your Sales Skill?

All of us are in sales, yes you heard it right, whether you like it or not but all of us are trying to sell something or the other. Be it our ideas, concepts, ourselves or a presentation, the list just keeps on growing. Well of course the way we sell and the context we sell in certainly differs however the core of selling remains the same. Here we have managed to put together a list of skills that will help you work on your sales game and help you achieve better results.

1. Listen:

simple right ? well this is where a lot of us get it wrong and chase away our prospect in the very first instance. Selling has evolved over time and so have our buyers and prospects. In order to recommend a relevant solution and address their issue all sellers should listen first, gone are the days where we could bombard our clients with product features and benefits, now its all about understanding their need and their motivation to make the buying decision. This can only be done with the simplest skill at our disposal, “Listening”.

2. Putting yourself in their shoes:

“ Empathise - Relate - Understand their perspective” We can never talk enough about this. Yet another skill that is soo personal to someone and can be worked on immediately. And it isn't that difficult, whenever we are selling something, start thinking from the buyers perspective, what can the product do for them? What problems can it solve ? what can be some resistance points? When you practice this skill you will be better prepared for the meetings, will have better information about the buyers situation and will be able to ace the presentation, have a meaningful conversation, will be able to handle objections well and all of this will definitely increase your chances of getting that ever elusive yes from the buyer.

3. Plan well

We can all relate with the impromptu situation of having to present our product and services. A certain set of sellers today are working, re working, rehearsing their elevator pitches for such impromptu encounters. However whats alarming is a certain set of sellers don't bother preparing and planning for the prescheduled calls itself. Planning well simply means having a better clarity about what to speak, the agendas of the meeting and most importantly clarity about the possible outcome of the meeting. If you'd want to ace your sales game start researching about who you're meeting, what are their motivation to buy and be prepared with all the requirements of the meeting.

4. Confidence

Exhibit confidence, the buyer will want to still trust you and will hold you accountable for the decision they make. The will rely on your confidence and will make their decision. If you don't sound or look confident, they will be even more hesitant to make the final call. You have the ability to drive the conversation to the desired outcome and this can only be done when you are confident about your offering. To work on your confidence, understand the product like you're its creator, work on your speaking and presenting abilities, present yourself well. In the words of Michelle Obama “ Your Success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude”.

5. Play a test match:

The TEST Match is the longest format of the game which lasts for up to 5 days in the sport of Cricket. The format is known to test the core skills and abilities of the players. Sellers at times jump to close the call and sell the offering a bit too early. As mentioned earlier buyers today have evolved as well, they are well aware about the products, its competitions and the market dynamics, the only thing that can keep the buyer interested is if you prioritize their relation and focus on building a sound relation for the future as well. Think about the future already, give them the confidence that you're there with them till the future as well. The list can certainly go on however, if we are to get started with sales or ever rework on our selling skills these 5 skills have us covered. And the beauty of it;all of these are in our control itself. So go on work on these skills, practice them in every relevant opportunity that you get and the rest will all be taken care of.