The entrepreneurial ecosystem – in fact, the entire business ecosystem in Nepal is making big leaps and strides. New and newer companies are coming in bringing along new hopes and aspirations. The number of new companies coming up surely speaks about the positive momentum in this land of immense opportunities.

In all this optimism what also needs to be analyzed is the number of companies not making it or going down too early. The odds of a new company sustaining in the market are really low. Globally only 1 out of 10 companies make it. In Nepal, undoubtedly the odds and the challenges are even higher which makes the survival of these companies even more difficult.

So why is it so difficult for companies in Nepal?

Yes, a lot of standard answers in terms of the resources, business environment, political stability/instability, policies, etc. will come up. However, I just want to ask YOU a simple question: are we trying to look beyond the obvious?

To make it even simpler: are we doing business the right way?

I may not be right person to talk about all the business processes and my opinion may not be a representation across all business functionalities. However, I just want to ask you the crucial question: are we selling the right way?

No, Don’t just stop reading here, well because this isn’t a question to be answered by the entrepreneurs/leader/managers only. This is something to be thought about by the entire team as every single individual regardless of the job title, role is a part of the business cycle. I am sure all of us are trying our best to perform outstandingly in our business roles and probably are over exceeding our specific job targets however, there is something that we all have in common and should be fully focused towards. Any guesses as to what the secret sauce is?

Yes, you guessed it right – its sales. In today’s time, no role or business function can completely detach from sales. Now when I mean sales I am not asking everyone to leave aside their specific roles and start running after clients, I am not asking someone from the product development department to stop working on the product board and sit at the showroom waiting for the next customer to walk in , I am not asking someone form the accounts department to stop taking care of the accounting technicalities and rather focus on setting up a new business development meeting. All I am trying to reinforce is the need to understand the essence of sales and integrate the same in our daily work.

If we are a part of a company, we are all a part of its value, its aspirations and its goals. Yes, I am absolutely sure we are doing our best to make sure the company achieves the goals however with a small tweak in the way how we perform our business processes we can help ourselves and in return help the company as well.

The HOW?

If we as a customer are judging a company by the way how the on-duty security staff greets us, the way how the people are dressed up, the way how the office design is set up. Then our customers certainly would be judging us as well. The underlining reason in all these is the expectation of an experience, in our network we call it the sales experience. Every customer is looking for the best experience and is not limiting themselves to the core product experience only. Now connect the dots and look at the amount of people, possible customers, probable clients we meet or interact on a daily basis. The way how the account department responds to financial dealings or payment queries, the vacancy advertisement being sent by the HR department all contribute in some way or the other in portraying the company image and reflecting the possible sales experience. We love judging and we also need to understand that we are being judged.

With this fact with us let us all promise to take that one step forward and be committed towards delivering the perfect sales experience regardless of our role, responsibility and title. The next time a customer walks in to pay the annual subscription, make sure you treat them with the same enthusiasm as how they were treated the first time. Let us all take a positive pledge towards delivering the perfect customer experience and in return doing things the right way.

The WHY?

Help me with a good reason not to do this.