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Join 100+ world-renowned Global Speakers with a mission of creating a better, more profitable, and sustainable world through marketing ethos to trigger a behavioral and attitudinal change in human society by engaging the best minds from the world of business, research, and politics in critical times. For two days (6th & 7th November 2021), eWMS will stream live for 48 hours non-stop on 30+ topics in order to educate, train & stimulate audiences from 100+ countries.

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Key Learnings

Professionals will learn from the "Father of Modern Marketing" and partners how to make your best decisions for businesses, new product development, pricing, advertising, B2B marketing, and retailing in critical and post critical times.


Entrepreneurs will learn how to raise capital in critical and post-critical times while Startups will learn how to promote and sell in critical and post-critical situations.


Professionals will learn how to negotiate properly and handle online meetings in stressful situations and will also learn to develop confidence by putting their trust in others and doing good.

Professionals will learn to recognize changes in customer behavior during critical and post-critical times.


Participants will learn how to be winners in times of crisis by understanding the innovation in marketing practices and concepts.

SMEs will discover how innovation and digitization can successfully reshape their business.

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What attendee says about us

Sushmita Maharjan

The overall marketing summit was a good platform to learn and know about marketing from a global perspective. The best part of this Summit was to learn from global and community leaders in marketing and business, research academics, politics and society, women and gender, to ensure sustainable business growth. It was a great platform, where I got to know about the current marketing situation (marketing pandemic has created) over the world.

Program Associate, Antarprerana Pvt.Ltd

Paras Dotel

Marketing Summit, one of the most prestigious marketing like-minded gatherings in the world, came to Nepal. Being a Marketing Lecturer and marketing specialization in my MBA program, this program helped me to understand the emerging topics and changes happening in this dynamic industry. Hearing from Philip Kotler, whose books we refer to understand Marketing from a broader perspective, was one of the highlights of the program. 

Professors and industry leaders from diverse universities and business organizations shared their expertise and area of specialization. 

Big thanks to Ascedifly for making this a true learning experience and one that I will cherish forever.

Innovation Lab Manager, Presidential Business School


Abhinava Thapa

I was drawn to eWMS by the name of Prof Philip Kotler, a marketing Guru whose textbook I used to read in my marketing classes. The eWMS was both informative and inspiring. The speakers discussed the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on altering the consumer behavior and new consumer expectations and market growth prospects; covering topics ranging from entrepreneurship to e-commerce, startup marketing to digital marketing, and sociopreneurship. 

In these critical times, we all require inspiration, guidance, and leadership to go forward, and I believe eWMS gives a platform for learning all three.

I would strongly suggest eWMS to any audience interested in broadening their horizons in the marketing field.

Student, Kathmandu College of Management


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