Selling may be one of the most intimidating profession however it certainly covers up with the reward it offers. With the COVID crisis around us it is only obvious that the difference between roles and profiles will keep narrowing in the future, which in return will create opportunities for more people to be associated with multidisciplinary roles. This can also be observed as we are moving forward towards a time wherein the “Best” use of available resources is the need of the hour.

Now this brings us to an important junction and the question arises in terms of the future of Sales Roles.

With a firm belief that it is only a matter of time for things to return back to normal, sales will become even more crucial and vital as businesses will look towards covering up for the slump-in revenues. Sales will not be an isolated profile anymore. The need for everyone to step up and contribute will become vital. With this context in mind let’s look at how a Non-Sales Profile should approach sales. It might be surprising to many but yes a nonsales profile still exists to date.

The first step is to understand how you look at sales. Sales isn’t about selling anymore. As the famous author, Daniel H Pink states in his book “To Sell is Human”, Sales is more about moving others. It is about offering solutions, solving problems. Gone are the days wherein a seller had to move from one door to another trying to push products. Well in today’s time the essence remains the same but trust me there are better and smarter ways to reach the doors of your potential customers. In fact, if executed well, you may never even have to step out and still be able to bring your buyers to your doors. For this to happen immediate action against any negative alignment towards sales and sales roles needs to be taken and changed. This has to happen on a personal level. One needs to change the perception towards sales because it is absolutely okay to acknowledge the fact that “You are a Seller”. In fact, if you closely look around you already are one. I am sure you have been selling stuffs, it is just that you have never really thought of it as selling. If that’s the case, that is exactly what needs to be done. Selling aptitude should be super natural and supremely unintentional.

If you are able to change the way you look at sales, your ability to sell, and the results you achieve will change drastically. I am sure a lot of us have our reservations as it is not us but the people around that may influencing our perception. We may encounter those awkward silences every time we call ourselves a “SalesPerson” however please understand that YOU are the change maker. The desired change starts with you. You are the one who will have to set examples.

So go on put on your sales hat, consider yourself to be a seller. Look at how you can hone your selling instincts. Don’t hesitate to reach out, connect, engage, offer, and take your steps towards becoming a fantastic seller. After all its only humans that we are selling to.