Sales Audit


To assure a significant improvement in your sales performance, a sales audit is a thorough and methodical analysis evaluation, and interpretation of your sales objectives, strategies, plans, and procedure.

We at Ascendifly have created a model whereby the key components of your sales process -your salespeople, methodology, and tools are examined, and any sales barriers or bottlenecks are identified and eliminated. With the use of our research-based audit tools, we find and suggest practical actions that can be performed to streamline the sales process, resulting in more sales for you and a better experience for your customer.

You are desperately looking for a strategic intervention to grow your sales numbers but dont know where to start from ? This is the first step that will hep you understand the gap between your performance and your goals, and unlike any other models we not only highlight the gap but also plot a roadmap to achieve your revenue goals. Our solutions simplify and guide you through the entire journey that will take you from where you are to your desired revenue goal.