Sales and Marketing Executive

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• To acquire targeted business clients by actively optimizing pipelines and sourcing new leads until they are engaged

• Maintain relationships with existing clients

• Conduct market research (analyze competition landscape, the efficiency of sales strategies, etc.)

• Direct contact with customers

• Proposing sales and marketing strategies.

Job Description

• To develop marketing and sales strategy of digital and print advertisement spaces.

• To develop marketing and sales strategy to rent space of the commercial building.

• Prepare client’s database

• Assist with preparing client presentations and proposals

• Visit and inform about the scope of possibilities at the international arrival of airport for branding their products

• Guide and supervise the entire visit and report to head about the progress

• Draft branding proposal and send it to all the potential client and continuously follow up on them.

• Develop social media marketing strategy and implement it on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok and many more.

• On-board customer to keep the communication alive.

• Meet customer requirements and maintain relationship

• Be able to properly demonstrate the features and benefits of company’s product to customers


• Bachelor’s in marketing, BBA, and BBS

• 2+ years of sales (b2b )or merchandising experience

• Excellent communication and presentation skills

• Solid knowledge of Sales management and B2B sales

• Familiarity with analytical, and reporting tools such as MS Office etc.

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